Projectweek “No Plastic”

Since the beginning of the school year we focussed on the reduction and avoidance of plastic waste. Therefore our school year was ending with an environmental week, which was based on these topics as well.

In cooperation with Hepca, all student went to an island clean up, to collect rubbish as well as to get an idea how this situation of waste in the Red Sea is lookin like. Also organized by Hepca was a trip to the waste sorting plant, in which mainly the rubbish of the hotels is collected.
The team of the Ministry of Environment was also invited. They did a presentation to the subject as well.

Further on, many workshops took place, for example who to create musical instrument with waste, or how to handicraft purses or very cute turtles out of water bottles or milk packages. In cooperation with the German Embassy in Cairo, we also invited the organization „cairo climate talks“, which is working actively for the saving the environment and for saving the planet.